CRIM 3240 Discussion 1  


The goal of this discussion is to practice applying Beccaria’s concept of deterrence to examples in our everyday life and consider their effectiveness in preventing crime.


Instructions: Post one picture of deterrence you come across in your everyday life (think about what you see on your commute such as click it or ticket signs, around your home such as neighborhood watch signs, or university signs, etc). Do not do anything dangerous such as taking a picture of a sign while driving—if you can’t take a picture in the moment, try to find it through google after the fact. However, do not simply google pictures without trying to find examples around you first!


For your example, answer the following:

  1. Is the sign an example of general or specific deterrence? Both? Why?
  2. What elements of deterrence are present? Is the sign discussing or signifying swiftness, certainty, or severity? Explain your answers.
  3. Do you think this (and others like it) example of deterrence is effective in preventing crime? Why or why not? Consider classical theories argument that individuals rationally weigh the pros and cons of committing a crime.


You should write ~250 words in answering these questions. You must include the picture in your post to receive credit!


See the course discussion board guidelines to make sure you get credit for your post and response. See the course schedule in syllabus or weekly checklist for due dates.

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